from by The Fights



Woke up laughing,
lying in the street.
Woke up laughing
with you whispering to me.
You said you don’t love me,
just love having me around.
You said you don’t trust me,
you wrote everything down.

I try to describe our distances in feet,
but you only understood us in meters.

You grow so out of touch,
your self-help books thick with dust,
and a love so salty it’s gone and dried me up.
Try and you can see the light
from the moon is just the sun,
Then you might sort of see where I’m coming from.

I wish I could see the light,
know which side of you I’m on,
but when I awoke I realized it was neither.

You’ll see
it’s maddening.
To consume everything you love,
to consume until it’s used up.

You’ll see,
kept the right parts of you for me,

but I had to cut the rest.

Yes, I had to save myself
from you.


from Bramble Patch Blues, released October 14, 2016



all rights reserved


The Fights Urbana, Illinois

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